Shirtless Will Smith 

musicalfanforever said: I had to immediately leave Walmart after seeing it because I was so tempted to buy it and I was splurge-spending already before I saw that.

Yeah…I wanted to buy it, but at the same time, I splurged all day yesterday, so I decided to wait.  I might make it a Christmas present for myself.

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seanxtina said: We've seen the rock booty even better. I believe I have a Gif of him getting pantsed.

You mean at Summerslam ‘98?  I remember Triple H pulling his trunks so hard that he showed a Rock’s booty for split second. 

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12/100 → Favorite pictures of Chris Hemsworth

Don’t mind me; I’m just internally screaming in the middle of Walmart.

I saw this last night at Walmart myself!  I screamed out loud, too!
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