Public Rendevous…

Ava was aroused and terrified of what she was feeling.  No man had ever made her come, including Jason.  All Ava’s other boyfriends used the same selfish ass technique when it came to sex:  wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am.  It usually lasted four to six minutes, just long enough for the dude to get his jollies.  Jason would try to hold out for at least ten minutes, just so he could brag to his boys and the random women he was screwing on the side about how much stamina he had.  Afterwards, they’d all roll over on their side of the bed and promptly go to sleep, while Ava would go back to her favorite book, television show, or drink a V-8 juice, thankful the ordeal was over.   All sex was to her was something she had to do to keep her man happy—-a favor, basically.  It never even occurred to her that the man could also take care of her needs.  Ava never understood what the big deal about sex was.  But as David gently laid her down on the bench and positioned his thin frame on top of hers, she was beginning to find out.

David kissed Ava’s full lips again and slid the thin shoulder straps of her dress downward.  He stroked and cupped her small, and now exposed breasts.  Ava loved the way he kissed and touched her.  It was as if she were the only woman in the world.  David’s lips moved down to her breasts, and he gently sucked on her left nipple.  This gave her immense pleasure.  David massaged the right breast with his hand, and moved his other hand between Ava’s legs once more.  He inserted two of his skinny fingers inside of her and began to move them back and forth. 

Ava’s moans became louder, and with that, David began to pump faster.  He put his mouth back over hers, but instead of kissing her, he put his tongue in her mouth.  Ava extended her tongue so hers and his met, tip to tip.  David pumped even faster, and the sound and frequency of Ava’s moans increased.  Her arousal was beginning to overtake her anxiousness for this new feeling.


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